Strikhedonia’s Tips to Master Social Distancing

Strikhedonia’s Tips to Master Social Distancing

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Strikhedonia Helps Explain, What is Social Distancing?

Recently, the term has been thrown all over the news, “social distancing”. What is it exactly? Why are we doing it? Social distancing, in a general definition by us at Strikhedonia, is the practice of limiting contact with one another. We do this in hopes of preventing the spread of contagious diseases / illnesses to large numbers of people.

Currently, our country is trying to prevent the spread of COVID-19, also called corona virus. At this time, we should all be safe by staying at least 6ft away from each other. Avoid going out in public, in general, if you can. While social distancing may be keeping us indoors and away from each other, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make the most of it the extra time we have. In this post, we are going to share some Strikhedonia tips and tricks on how to stay safe and entertained during these times of social distancing.

Strikhedonia’s Tips and Tricks:

Don’t Feel Stuck Inside, Enjoy Inside

You might be thinking, how can I enjoy being inside if I love the outdoors? We have a few ideas on how to bring the outdoors, indoors.

  1. Plants. 

    Yup, you heard us. Plants. Decorate your house with potted plants. You can even try to grow small foods or seasonings in them to use in meals. What could make home feel more like the outdoors than nature?

  2. S’mores. strikhedonia- smores

    First thing I think of is a campfire. Second thing I think of is the outdoors. Where else have you eaten a s’more? 9 times out of 10, we eat s’mores out by the campfire on a warm summer night. Bring that feeling and memory alive indoors, right in your kitchen!

  3. Build-A-Beach. 

    This one could get a little messy indoors, especially with children. You could do it in the backyard or in the living room if you’re brave enough. Get a small pool, fill it with water and have fun! You can even play wave sounds on your computer in the background to make it feel more “beachy”. For comfortable apparel for this venture, check out our merchandise on our website. Yes, apparel is approved for both indoor and outdoor beach trips!

  4. Learn a New Skill.strikhedonia - baking

    All of us have our favorite hobbies and each of us have our strengths. It could be fun to challenge yourself to try to conquer a skill you may consider a weakness. Or, try a new skill. For example, baking! You never know, it could become your new hobby.

Stay Clean, Stay Safe

Just a quick tip for cleaning surfaces, as all the stores sell out of cleaning products, use lemons or grapefruit to disinfect surfaces. The acidity of the fruit kills bacteria. If you are cleaning up a food stain or bath grime, add some salt on the fruit to create friction and clean up stains. For more natural and/or easy cleaning tips check out BestLife’s full article.

Enjoy Life… Every Minute of It

However, if you really feel the need to go outside to clear your head just be sure to go alone. If you bring someone with you just try to be safe by staying 6ft away from whoever you go with or whoever you come across. There are plenty of places to get fresh air without people around. For example, you can visit a beautiful, secluded reserve. Or, take a walk around your neighborhood or just hang out in the backyard for a day. To be safe, just be sure to wash your hands and/or sanitize when you come inside.

In the end, we (Strikhedonia) just want everyone to be safe. Enjoy this time alone, or with your immediate family. As stressful as things may be, it’s rare things like this happen. While it’s a blessing that we don’t often have to practice social distancing, we can take advantage of this time (and try to appreciate it). It’s like someone hit the pause button on life, so instead of just existing we have a chance to live… even if it is only in four walls. Make the most of every day. We hope these tips and tricks help and everyone stays safe!